Jane Arraf: NPR international correspondent covering Iraq

Lawen Azad: former host and producer of ‘Inside Kurdistan Extra’

Erin Banco: investigative reporter, currently writing book on Iraq

Meghan Bodette: director of outreach at Kurdistan Aid

Rukmini Callimach: Correspondent for The New York Times covering ISIS

Vian Dakhil: a Yazidi member of the Council of Representatives of Iraq

Maria Fantappie:  Senior Analyst at the International Crisis Group’s Middle East and North Africa Program

Susannah George: AP Baghdad correspondent

Dr. Choman Hardi: editor-in-chief of Serdemi Jin, a bi-seasonal Kurdish journal of women’s theory, culture and art

Aylina Kılıç: reporter focused on Kurdish issues

Nadia Murad: A Yazidi survivor of genocide/human trafficking and human rights activist, UNODC Goodwill Ambassador

Ruwayda Mustafah: author of A Journey to Kurdistan

Denise Natali: distinguished research fellow at Institute for National Strategic Studies focused on Iraq, Kurdistan and oil

Bayan Sami Rahman: Kurdistan regional government representative to USA

Cale Salih: Researcher for The United Nations University’s Centre for Policy Research, formerly based in Kurdistan

Liz Sly: Washington Post Beirut bureau chief covering Syria, Lebanon and Iraq

Jess Wanless: emergency communications for the International Rescue Committee, based in Iraq

Belkis Wille: senior Iraq and Qatar researcher at Human Rights Watch

Sara Williams: journalist at Foreign Policy and The Times, among others, who focuses on Syria, Jordan and Iraq

Maha Yahya: director of the Carnegie Middle East Center focuses on political violence and identity politics

Amberin Zaman: Former policy fellow at The Wilson Center, columnist at Al Monitor and Diken