What we do

FPI works on amplifying female voices in several ways:

  • Fellowship – which you can read more about here
  • Newsletter – which you can sign up for here
  • Data collection – in cooperation with Media Matters for America, FPI has been tracking the gender breakdown of foreign policy/national security commentators on prime-time cable and Sunday talk shows. Building on that, FPI is building out its own database, tracking all things gender and media
  • Workshops – read on to learn more


FPI offers workshops, for both individuals and groups and organizations, in the following areas:


SeminarThe Media: Myths & Facts

This seminar focuses on the media landscape, providing insight into the operations and management of major institutions (print and electronic). It dispels myths about who is “qualified” to be on the op-ed page and on-air pundit. It provides information about the complex behind-the-scenes in a newsroom and studio and what editors and bookers are looking for.

Half-day workshopIntroduction to Interrupting

This half-day workshop is an introduction to interrupting your own mindset (and, eventually, the media). We start off with an assessment on (1) understanding your own strengths and challenges and (2) what is an “expert” (30 minutes). In the next hour we go through understanding unconscious bias – in society as well as in ourselves; understanding the media landscape (dispelling myths about who is “qualified” to be on the op-ed page and on-air pundit. Afterwards, the group will engage in a role play (1 hour). In the final hour, participants will prepare an outline of her expertise and a pitch to an editor.

Half-day workshopUnconscious bias

This half-day workshop is targeted for both men and women. It is designed to recognize and understand unconscious bias and open a discussion about how to combat it. The workshop kicks off with a number of exercises. It is followed on with a discussion about tools to work on improving mindsets and perceptions about men, women, and “the other.”

Full-day workshopThe Interruption Workshop/Media Training

This day-long workshop introduces participants to interrupting their own mindset (and, eventually, the media).

  • Assessment – Understanding your own strengths and challenges and what is an expert
  • Understanding the media & unconscious bias – What is an expert? What makes an expert?
  • Role play
  • Confidence building – Confidence isn’t a given. You work at it. We will undertake exercises that help build confidence
  • Media training
  • Brand building
  • Preparing to interrupt – To wrap up, participants will prepare an outline of her expertise and a pitch to an editor



FPI offers one-hour workshops for individuals in:

  • Pitching an editor – In this session, participants learn best practices and tips on pitching an editor
  • Media training – In this session, participants learn how to prepare for and participate in on-air television and radio
  • Being a panelist – In this session, participants learn best practices and tips on participating on panels
  • Book proposals and publishing – In this session, FPI provides insight into writing a book proposal, securing an agent, and a navigating the publishing world
  • Leadership
  • One-on-one mentoring
    • Building the ground floor for recent graduates
      • You have lots of goals. Where do you start? This hour-long online seminar will help you understand your strengths and challenges. We’ll lay out a plan to build on your goals and help you move forward. It is specifically designed for recent college grads.
      • Beyond the first rung of the career ladder for early career interruptors
        • You scored your first job. Where do you go from here? It’s never too early to navigate your career. This hour-long online seminar will help you start building a career path and own your awesomeness. It is designed for those starting out, for those budding into interruptor extraordinaires.
      • Mid-career catapult: Moving from good to great
        • You’ve mastered the basics and moved up. You’re “senior” or an “expert,” but feel stuck. How do you navigate a career midway through? How do you continue to grow, challenge yourself, and write that book? And how the heck do you get on CNN or Charlie Rose’s show? This hour-long seminar will help those who are navigating that sacred middle, eager to take their power to the next level.
      • All of the above – FPI will customize a series of the above workshops, including mentoring, in a six-week program

To learn more about these services, contact: info@fpinterrupted.com and subscribe to our newsletter.


A note on methodology:

FPI adheres to the student-centered approach to learning. We’re all about engagement. This is especially important when it comes to the media and/or public speaking. The media and public forums are not one size fits all. Neither are individuals. Each person has her strengths and challenges.

How does FPI tap into each participant’s strengths and help them overcome challenges?

  • Assess – “You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.” It’s important to understand where each participant is starting from and where they are eager to go.
  • Build goals – FPI works with each participant to set out and track goals.
  • Cooperative learning – FPI works in a group session to help participants reach their respective goals. Student-centered learning is our guide. FPI facilitators are just that – they facilitate and coach participants rather than lecture. Group sessions allow not only hands-on, real-time learning. They also help tap into and unleash confidence. Media training is all about confidence building and social growth. Cooperative learning is our best guide. Participants learn best when engaged in actual exercises, role playing, and interacting with their peers.