Sandra Mwarania: Youth activist at Amnesty Kenya, director of SCOHRA

Maggie Fick: East Africa deputy bureau chief at Reuters

Mausi Segun: African director at HRW

Janah Ncube: Global Campaigns Director at Crisis Action

Lesley Anne Warner: Africa foreign affairs analyst, security fellow at Truman Project

Audrey K. Wabwire: East Africa Press Officer at HRW

Simona Foltyn: Journalist covering East Africa

Matina Stevis: Africa correspondent at WSJ

Katharine Houreld: East Africa Bureau Chief for Reuters

Zoe Flood: Journalist, Chair for Foreign Correspondents’ Association of East Africa

Jessica Hatcher Moore: Freelance journalist and writer based in East Africa

Naomi Barasa: Campaign organizer at Amnesty Kenya

Abigail Higgins: Journalist in East Africa for WaPo and Al Jazeera

Edith Honan: Founding editor of Nairobi online magazine

Yvonne Okwara-Matole: News anchor at KTNKenya, Bloomberg ALI Media Fellow

Yolande Bouka: Africa political and security analyst

Marilyn Kamuru: Lawyer and entrepreneur in Kenya

Jina Moore: Global Women’s Rights at Buzzfeed News

Samira Sawlani: Writer, journalist and analyst on East Africa

Nanjala Nyabola: FPI fellow and author based in Nairobi

Sarah Jackson: FPI fellow, Deputy regional director at Amnesty International